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White Glove

Fully Managed Services Tier

Our White Glove: Fully Managed Services Tier includes product maintenance and support along with fully managing all of your daily IT operations. This Tier is highly recommended for businesses where IT resources and expertise are limited. For many IT departments, the team is equipped to support most areas of their environment, but they lack expertise in a specialized area or they find that monitoring and/or patching services places a strain on the IT staff and disrupts their ‘work-life’ balance.

Today, the trend is to be more strategic and forward thinking when it comes to managing IT services via a hybrid model where there are some IT activities managed the traditional way (internal IT personnel) while there are other services that is more cost effective to allow them to be fully managed in partnership with a managed service provider like Empire Consultants.

Many of our existing customers have become more strategic in reducing operational costs by ‘doing more with less’ through our White Glove: Fully Managed Services Tier. This Tier provides the constant support IT teams need, allowing various tasks to be given to highly certified, knowledgeable engineers that essentially become extensions of your IT department – from remote monitoring and management, to backup and disaster recovery, to security as a service, and everything in between.. This frees up staff resources to be more strategic about the future of the department and the company.

According to an Indeed.com salary survey, the average salary for a Senior Network Engineer is $99,797 per year in Florida while a Network Specialist is approximately $69,500 per year. This does not include their health care & benefits.

Many companies have several IT personnel to manage their IT infrastructure while other businesses cannot afford such costs.

The biggest and most pressing concerns when it comes to in-house IT talent is the immense cost required to support it. You need to find people with a specific set of skills, who require constant training, since the world of IT is ever evolving. That’s not cheap, as the skills needed are in high demand, so these staff command a higher wage.

That is where Go With Empire comes to play as you can depend on our experienced and certified IT team to handle challenges that may take your internal teams longer to solve. This is extremely valuable, as there are often times when you’ll need a specific skill to overcome a hurdle, and then not need it again for some time.

Also, through our fully managed services, our IT Team can automate many of the mundane yet essential IT core services that typically ‘bogs’ down your IT staff as your IT has to spend their time and effort on ‘keeping the lights on’ as opposed to working on bigger IT projects that would continue to modernize your IT infrastructure

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    With 17 years in IT, “Go With Empire” have subject matter experts in the areas of cybersecurity, network services, systems integration, business intelligence, and managed services. Let Us Manage Your IT allowing You to Manage Your Business without Technology Distractions.

    5 Reasons to Consider White Glove Services:


    Cost effective

    Many businesses cannot afford the cost to hire full time IT staff or those who have existing IT staff, their time is better spent on IT projects that can help save the company money as opposed to paying them just to keep the lights on.


    IT Staffing Augmentation

    For companies with existing IT staff, allow us to partner with your team to handle the time consuming IT operational tasks as well as allowing us to automate many existing manual processes to become more highly efficient while your IT team can focus on the big picture items.


    Customer service experience

    For us, we want to make your interaction with our team a fun one as well as being highly responsive to your IT needs. We pride ourselves with not only resolving issues but identifying root cause and explaining it to customers at a level they can understand. Our team is highly professional and considers each customer valuable.


    IT Bank of Skills

    We have a team of IT professionals who have a wide range of skills, certifications and experience.


    Responsive IT Team

    We pride ourselves in providing an amazing user experience while providing 24/7/365 support through our highly responsive technical team. We also provide an additional layer of consulting support by having our Engagement team that bridges your business priorities with the technology you need to support it. Our Engagement team will meet quarterly to assess and evaluate how effective our technology support is bridging the gap between your business and your technology. That is what makes us stand out from the pack, we listen and understand your business process before we begin to manage, protect and secure your technology.

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