IT personnel can skip the complexity of configuring local and remote backups, storage provisioning, and storage capacity planning.

According to IT Web, in 2019 the total cost of business data loss was nearly $2.1 trillion for both small business and big corporations.

Most businesses understand the importance of backing up their business data, but fail to consider having a viable Disaster Recovery Plan in the event of a natural disaster (fire, hurricanes, tropic storms, flooding) and/or human error (people make mistakes), lack of in-house technical skills or vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution utilizes our global, secured data centers to act as the target site for replication and recovery of your company’s critical data and applications. You can choose Our Data Centers that are HIPPA Compliant, SSAE compliant, and ISO-certified private cloud or we can utilize AWS/EC2.

Our DRaaS offers a purpose-built private cloud with AES-256 encryption and data-centers around the world to store your backups designed from the ground up for fast, efficient, remote backup.

Instead, backups go directly to our global purpose-built, HIPPA compliant, SSAE-compliant and ISO-certified private cloud, with backup windows measured typically in minutes, not hours

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    Top 5 Reasons to choose our cloud-based, DRaaS Solution


    Virtual disaster recovery

    Backup makes it easy to recover a physical or virtual server to a virtual machine at either our data center or AWS or Azure.


    Complete Exchange database restores

    It helps you restore Exchange databases even when they’re corrupted or infected by malware.


    Full Exchange server disaster recovery

    Backup gives you several options for a full Exchange server recovery depending on your specific business needs, including via virtual disaster recovery and continuous recovery.


    Continuous Backup and Disaster Recovery

    SolarWinds Backup automatically updates a standby server via a restore after each backup session completes.


    Minimize Disaster Recovery Costs

    Don’t pay for a secondary data center location for DR – Use our DRaaS to recover your data to a VM at the location of your choice.

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