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With a greater dependency for technology also comes greater need to manage and protect IT investments.

Empire Consultants has years of experience in helping organization modernize, manage and protect their IT investments.

In recent years, we have discovered the value of establishing business to business (B2B) relationships with Telecommunication Service Providers (TSP).

We have actively combined combining forces in nurturing true partnerships as opposed to seeing us as competitors. We understand that a business operations requires not only technology such as endpoint devices, networks, and data protection but they also require telecommunication technologies such as voice and network cabling, VOIP, SDWAN, and more.

Think of it as ‘building a house’ – There are a lot of components, services, and skill sets required to build that dream home. Such is the case when it comes to providing technologies required to operate a business.

Empire Consultants has developed B2B partnerships with leading telecommunications service providers where we can help our customers acquire the ‘best-in-breed’ for their voice communications and more. In addition, we help our clients assess the variety of service offerings that best fit their business needs.

Working together, we can offer our customers a true-as-a-service model.

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    How your business benefits from Empire Consultants’ Telecommunication Service Provider Model:


    Global Communication

    A Telecommunication Service Provider enables you to have a global channel of communication by using the internet. A Telecommunication Service Provider, utilizing a VoIP communication system, will allow you to stay allow your staff, partners and supply chain. With the power of the internet, you will be to access any form of communication or transmission of data over mobile or desktop device which is an becomes a business advantage.


    Web of Communication

    By utilizing the internet as a form of communications over the conventional telecommunication systems, your business will increase it’s overall communication response time. Utilizing the internet global mesh system means that all forms of communication benefit from the multi-channel routes and limit down-time and interruptions.


    Single Interface

    VoIP brings all forms of communcation for your business into a single interface. Whether the forms of communcation is phone, fax or text, all channels are through the single familiar and convinent inteface to your staff. With this single interface you can then discard the one-off forms of communcations and devices that you currently use and combine them into a single expense for your business making account easier and less error prone.

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