Why do Businesses Seek out Managed IT Services?

Why do Businesses Seek out Managed IT Services?

In the era of Internet of Things (IoT), ransomware, cyber attacks, new technology advances, and more, businesses are challenged with trying to leverage technology that supports their operations. Business owners are now seeing the value of having providers like “Go With Empire” manage their IT infrastructure. Based on our existing customers, here are the reasons why they trusted us as their MSP.

  • To improve the efficiency and dependability of their IT operations.
  • Enhanced security with near ‘real-time’ endpoint detection and response.
  • A proactive approach to maintenance as opposed to a ‘break-fix’ mentality. Business need an MSP who will monitor, manage & secure their IT before a problem arises.
  • Cost effectiveness and a good return on investment knowing their business operations were not be interrupted.
  • Free up IT staff to work on strategic projects.
  • Have greater access to new technologies / next generation, industry leading platforms.
  • Lacks in-house IT capabilities for certain functions.
  • Shifting capital expenses such as purchasing new hardware or different software to a single-point maintenance expense (all-in-one service)
  • Predictable pricing and manageable costs.
  • Team of IT professionals who have expertise in all aspects of IT but most importantly, we have an IT team that can address your specific IT needs

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