Mark IIagan

Tier 1 - Senior Network Engineer

Mark has been with Empire Consultants for past three (3) years.He has worked for enterprise businesses supporting their IT including Coca-Cola, OmniCare, CVS, and UK Health Care. At Empire Consultants, Mark is always working with End Users, assisting on service desk related issues like Outlook, Office365 or printer issues, etc.. Mark is always being recognized by our customers with high performance when solving tickets on a timely manner, good technical skills and always receiving positive feedback comments.

His experience includes:

  • End User ticket management
  • Empire’s patch management policies
  • Implements and manages our backup solutions
  • Backup emails (O365/GApps) via Backupify
  • Mail Security via Solarwinds Mail Assure
  • AV Defender deployments on large environments
  • Managing Active Directory such access request, new user, etc…
  • Coordinates mailbox accounts via O365/Google Apps
  • He maintains systems through our Brainy Platform
  • Perform troubleshooting for any email platform issue

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