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Onboarding In A Box – BRAINY

This document represents our project management approach when it comes to onboarding our highly successful lightweight, scalable, and robust ‘all-in-one’ IT platform we call BRAINY!

BRAINY is designed to properly optimize, manage, secure and protect your IT investments. BRAINY can protect your IT assets from any type of vulnerability resulting from a lack of updated or poorly planned patch updates, cybersecurity threats, phishing, as well as automating many of the IT networking and patching tasks as possible.

BRAINY is an ‘All-in-One’ IT platform, allowing customers to pick one or all of our 360° menu of IT Services. As shown in Figure 1, we specialize in all aspects of IT. Our company has intimate knowledge and experience with Network Operations Center (NOC) Services, Security as a Service, Backup/Data Recovery as a Service, and more. BRAINY’s stability is ideal for an Agile IT Architecture approach to designing, building, managing, sustaining and enhancing your IT environment.