What are you protecting yourself from?

The simple answer… the entire outside world. This day and age you can’t afford not to have state of the art protection for your data and computer network. Everyone from hackers in Algeria to former employees want to steal your information and are probably trying to do so right now. Why wait for a catastrophe of leaked information to step up your security game? You need protection YESTERDAY.

How We Can Protect You

It all starts with a network security assessment of your current hardware and software to ensure that everything is up to date. From there we can take you in the right direction, including but not limited to, these network security solutions.

Cloud Computing

Oh no, there was a fire in your building and the water sprinklers just destroyed all your computers! Was your data saved? This won’t even be a question after we have backed up all of your data to a cloud that will automatically update all your information in real-time every 15 minutes. The best network security defense is a great offense, and with our cloud computing your data is safe and always backed up.

256 Bit AES Password Encryption

We offer the safest, most secure password protection on the market today. Feel confident that your password encryption will be able to stand up to even the most serious hacking attempts. Think of the movie Swordfish, and then think about them not being able to access your data because your password is so secure.

Software Firewalls

Sometimes working in conjunction with a Hardware Firewall, a Software Firewall can be installed on your network and fully customized to protect you as needed. While not as hardcore as the Hardware Firewall, it utilizes the same basic functions blocking all harmful threats from obtaining your information.

Hardware Firewalls

This awesome piece of equipment is a stand-alone unit that literally acts as a wall to filter every piece of data received. Ensuring that NO worms, Trojan programs, viruses or hackers are able to penetrate your network and get to your data. Think of this as your first line of defense against evil-doers.

Network security is about peace of mind and that is what we provide. You will be protected with all of the latest in data defense technology for all of your devices. Plus, you will be fully trained on your new equipment with the necessary knowledge to adjust your network protection and access any and all secure files at any time from any device. Enjoy your peace of mind and knowing why you have peace of mind.