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Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd

Business: Manufacturing and sales of transportation equipment.

Customers: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. / Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., Suzuki Motor Corporation / Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Subaru Corporation / Kawasaki Heavy Industries., Ford Motor Company / General Motors Company

Employees: 1,315 (As of March, 2019)

Global Company Network: 30 locations, global-wide: Asia, Canada, Europe, South America and United States

IT Infrastructure Profile

  • 90 Servers
  • 3,000 Endpoints (Servers/Workstations/Virtual Desktop/Tablets/VOIP/ IP-based Cameras)
  • Data Storage Capacity/Backup: 2 Petabytes PB (2,048 TBs)
  • Storage / Recovery: Hybrid Model: On-premise and AWS Cloud


  • Deliver timely information to customers by achieving high availability of mission-critical production systems
  • Comply with data protection and regulatory requirements
    Minimize disruption to manufacturing operations global-wide
  • Determine if BRAINY, powered by SolarWinds or PRTG Network Monitor would be the most cost, effective and efficient single-pane of glass solution for backup/recovery, patch management, AV management, and monitoring the health of our global wide network


  • Solid backup and recovery solution that ensures data available in all circumstances
  • An ‘All-in-One’ IT Solution to automate and manage cloud-based backup/recovery, patch management, antivirus management and
  • Evaluate the ‘all-in-one’ solutions offerings and implement it as fully
    automated managed service IT solution for Musashi
  • BRAINY’s complete MSP Backup solution (see page 2 for justification), protecting over 2 Petabytes of data


  • BRAINY provided a centralized management that simplified the workload and optimized IT resources to a single IT person, saving costs as the need for additional IT services were no longer required
  • BRAINY was reviewed and evaluated against PRTG Network Monitor
    and was determine the ‘best fit’ for Musashi, refer to page 2
  • Reduced recovery time by 80% and the backup window by 95%
  • Eliminated the need for IT staff to work overtime to deal with outages as BRAINY provided a fully, automated alert monitoring system for the health of the network, backups, recovery, patch management, 3rd party
    patch management, and AV management

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