Empire Consultants

The most revolutionary turnkey IT solutions provider in the business.

A recognized technology leader known for unique and custom visions. Empire Consultants offers an unprecedented talent for quick and solid solutions. Responsibilities range from global enterprise level technology to a single smart device. The foresight that we put into our work is extremely dynamic. We are driven for a nonstop supply of knowledge with limitless stamina. With over 20 years of experience we push nonstop to help all entities. This allows us to educate others on why IT is so important in our businesses and lives. When you are home sleeping at night Empire Consultants is monitoring, learning, studying, and pushing the envelope for next generation technology.

International powerhouse with some of the world’s best engineers prepared to take your IT to the next level.

Whether you’re a one-computer start-up business or a Fortune 500 Company, we’ll make sure your IT performance becomes one of your greatest assets. Increased speed, performance, safety, training and reliability are guaranteed with all of our services. You will completely understand what we did for you and we’re going to make sure you have plenty of fun while we work together.

Your Source for IT Knowledge

We have a solid history of producing results within a limited time frame and budget. Empire Consultants operates with a highly trained staff across the country, and deals effectively with customers, executives, and offices on a regular basis. All of these achievements are critical to organizations, such as yours, that must compete in today’s difficult economy. This allows us to be unique with an amazing source of knowledge from personal experience.

Our clients know when they utilize our services that they get top end customer service with outstanding results, whether they have 10 locations or just one.

The most common feedback we get is “I have never met an IT company like this before”. Using top end technology we help all our clients achieve their specific needs. From first contact to completed projects our clients always feel informed and comfortable knowing not only are they in good hands, but we will train them to understand what we did. At Empire Consultants each engineer has one goal in common: Customer Service.

What Our Clients Say

We work with a wide variety of companies and provide all our clients with exceptional protection.

Having Empire Consultants manage our IT is like having our own personal security guard for all of our data, all the time. With our clients medical records on file, we can not afford to have an IT disaster and with Empire Consultants we’re never worried about outside threats. We are extremely confident that there is no IT problem that they can’t handle.

I don’t know what we would do without your service! Empire has been there for us every time there’s been a problem and taken care of it like it’s no big deal. Put it this way, those are the times we would pay double the price for your service and still feel like we were getting a bargain.

It’s great having someone on call to manage our entire office and data backups. That’s tough to find when you have an all mac/apple setup. Empire makes everything easy and I have complete trust that we can recover from anything. I highly recommend them to any growing business. They are always one step ahead of us.